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Bangladesh Textile & Garments Workers League

Bangladesh Textile & Garment Workers League (BTGWL) is a registered trade union organization. It works in the Textile, Garments & Handicraft sectors. In 1972 under the great instruction of the father of the nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Bangladesh Textile Workers League (BTWL) was formed. In the 1990’s decade when garment sector was expanded the we included garment sector and renamed as Bangladesh Textile and Garment Workers League (BTGWL). In 1983 (19th May) the organization has got its from the department of labour, Govt. of Bangladesh. Where the membership is 42,455 and 9532. BTGWL was affiliated with International Textile Garment and Lather Workers Federation (ITGWLF). Brother Z M Kamrul Anam was the EC Member of ITGWLF about 20 years. In the year 2012 ITGWLF was amalgamated with another international Trade Union organization and formed a new organization given the name “IndustriAll Global Union”. BTGWL is also affiliated with IndustriAll Global Union. BTGWL has the historical achievement, we have the movement, struggle, pride and success. Organizing, Unionizing are the first priorities of our organization. Accountability, Transparency and Democracy are our motto. The organization believes in the spirit of independence and liberation war of Bangladesh. According to the dream of the golden Bengal of Bangabandhu, we are committed to building prosperous, hunger, and poverty-free Bangladesh through the lead of his worthy daughter Honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. BTGWL devotes special attention to promoting workers rights, their development & welfare, improving wages and working conditions to ensure decent work.  

Mission & Vission


Democracy and transparency have been established at all elvels of the organization. The number of registered trade unions has been increased in the significant number of factories and the federation's own income has been increased. Decent working environment, living standards of the workers and overall development of the industry have been ensured by establishing sound industrial raltions.


BTGWL has become an ideal largest democratic trade union organization which is playing a vital role in the improvement of textile and garment industries through safe working condition, improving standard of workers livelihood protecting worker's rights & welfae and establishing social dialogue.


To establish workers’ rights and organize the unorganized and Reduction of illiteracy through education programmes.

To create awareness with regard to human, trade union and fundamental rights and to support union members and activists.

To provide health, maternity and child care services including family planning and STDs/HIV/AIDS.

To protect workers from abuse of drug and terrorism and to conduct programs on the Occupational Health & Safety, building safety and fire safety.

To help creation of alternative jobs for discharged, terminated and unemployed and the deprived workers.

Solidarity support to the workers, members, activists & unions nationally and internationally.


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